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The TRSB Affiliates

Affiliates are parties, companies and financiers that use the TRSB Standards to trade and deliver their goods and services.

They are active stakeholders in the TRSB Foundation’s standards development, and contribute with their own local and/or international insight to promote a more cohesive and dynamic global trade environment that allows MSME’s to achieve their goals and grow.

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Trefi – Facilitating Performance-based Financing

Trefi is the first and currently leading platform to finance MSME’s based on the quality of their products and services, sharing the same vision with the TRSB. Trefi is not a financier, but facilitates the supply of financing to MSME’s to efficiently meet demand.

The Trefi platform is the first to effectively use supply chain information for MSME risk management. The Trefi platform enables finance provision at the correct moment, in the right amount, and to the right company. These three elements result in lower loss rates and lower capital requirements.

The Trefi platform operates at lower operational cost levels than the best alternative MSME finance platforms, because it benefits optimally from the user’s participation and because of its low-cost, license-free IT model. At the same time, it delivers wide functionality for clients at low costs.

The Trefi platform is integrated with a multi-financier securitization structure, offering the ability to facilitate unlimited liquidity to the platform, and allows multiple financiers to operate in parallel on the platform.

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Business Highlights

Currently, Trefi operates in The Netherlands, Peru, and Kenya and works with local financiers to boost MSME access to finance and performance.
Current business highlights include:

The lowest cost MSME finanse provider in Perú

Trefi provides finance to MSME’s at 12%, whereas the average interest rate in themicro banking system is 30%.

The highest rated MSME financier

Trefi achieved a AA- credit rating in Peru, the highest rating for an independent MSME financier in the country

The only MSME receivable financier.

Trefi is the only receivable financier that finances MSME invoices in Peru. All other providers finance large corporate entities, leaving Trefi as the only receivable financier to absorb MSME risks.

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