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The TRSB Standards

The TRSB Standards consist of several areas of focus that serve as as the building blocks upon which TRSB stakeholders work to standardize the provision of finance to both MSME’s and large enterprises upon the collateral of their trade receivables. They are designed to help create a more dynamic trading environment, with symmetrical information for all members, so they may reach their goals together and contribute to the world’s economic development.

The Trade Receivable Standards Board Foundation’s Standards are:

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Trade Receivable Clearing House Standard

A series of norms & standards for stable, balanced trade, with mutually aligned interests among all members.

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Privacy & Security Standards

A series of standards that protect the privacy of parties involved, following the Basel Committee and ISO 27001 standards.

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Risk Management Standards

The TRSB promotes a series of standards for minimizing risk and dynamizing trade within a trustworthy environment.

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Credit Information Standards

The TRSB promotes a series of standards for the sharing and using credit information in relation to trade.

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The TRSB sets guidelines to its Standards that separate economic from legal aspects to achieve maximum efficiency in localized and global scenarios.

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Aggregate & Related Standards

The TRSB includes protocols that promote the cooperation of the TRSB Standards with those of related and complementary institutions.

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The TRSB Foundation’s board members, their stakeholders, and participating parties are actively involved with the Standards, and welcome any and all efforts to continue their development.